Features that give iGaming players greater choice and control

The worldwide internet gambling business is expected to reach $42.6 billion by 2020. IFF Market Research predicts a 10.4% annual growth rate from 2021-2027. Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, more individuals are watching internet entertainment on their phones at home.

This tendency has a big impact on the industry, although technology is one of the key drivers. Companies that supply iGaming services must innovate to deliver the greatest possible experience for gamers. Online gamers often complain about slow Internet connections or insufficient gameplay speed. New features in Wazdan games are useful.

Wazdan is a firm that specializes in creating mobile-first casino games that provide unique pleasure across all platforms. Wazdan gained popularity in the iGaming business by creating HTML5 games. The publisher’s portfolio now boasts over 130 new features. They allow gamers to tailor their gaming to their own tastes, providing them flexibility.

Wazdan Innovations

The first is Volatility LevelsTM. Its three degrees of volatility – low, standard, and high – enable players to choose their gains and outrun frequency. Low-level wins are smaller but more frequent. Big victories are more frequent at the top level. In the normal level, both winnings and winning frequency are balanced.

The second mode is Ultra Fast. The new option enables players to drastically enhance game pace. After activation, the reels spin quickly. The game’s algorithms or RTP are unaffected by Ultra Fast (Return to Player). For the impatient, it saves time.

Ultra Lite Mode is designed for those with sluggish Internet connections. This setting speeds up game loading. This means gamers may launch their games up to five times quicker. However, the general image and ambiance of the games remain unchanged, enabling players to experience a really seamless gameplay.

Last but not least is Big Screen Mode. It enables players to zoom in on the reels to cover the full screen. Selecting one of two zoom options allows gamers to customize their device’s display. To accommodate the mobile view, the specific control panel is replaced with universal controls on the right side of the reels. Enabling this unique function allows players to concentrate only on the action on the reels of their favorite slot game.

Wazdan has much to offer.

The publisher games also have three industry-standard features. But it’s crucial to remember their function, which enhances the gameplay.

The first is a special gambling feature. This feature may be used to initiate an exciting bonus game where players can immediately multiply their earnings up to 7 times! It’s an amazing bonus you don’t want to miss, created with the concept of each game in mind.

Acquire Feature is another simple-to-use feature that allows players to fully enjoy the game and buy desired bonuses at any moment.

It also has Energy Saving Mode. This simple but clever function enables players to double their device’s battery life! Energy Saving Mode is ideal for gamers on the go or without access to a plug.

Wazdan’s improvements were designed to help players perform at their best. The firm is always looking for innovative ways to make online gaming accessible to all players, regardless of device or Internet connection. Wazdan is driven by the concept of “freedom of choice” and its games have several options that enable players to customize the game and its functions to their liking.

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