Online Casinos in Virginia 2023 – A Guide to Gambling in Virginia

Virginia is one of the earliest and most historically significant states in the Union. From Colonial Williamsburg to Monticello, Virginia typically adheres to tradition. Unfortunately for devotees, gambling has never been an integral part of these traditions, and legal online casinos in the United States are restricted.

Our Reviews of Online Casinos in Virginia

Virginia, which joined the Union in 1788, is known as the Mother of Presidents. The Old Dominion was one of the original thirteen colonies that fought in the American Revolution. The Virginia General Assembly was established prior to 1619, when Virginia became a state. It’s the continent’s earliest legislative body. The state is extremely restrictive, as greyhound racing, casinos, and gaming are prohibited. Local laws are remarkably similar to those of Washington, DC. It is one of nine states that do not have private or tribal casinos. Consequently, there are presently no online casinos in Virginia, although online gambling in the state may be on the horizon. In over 400 years, this legislature has never legalized casinos; in fact, the converse is true. Similar to Washington, D.C.’s wagering laws, Virginia has a total prohibition on casinos. There have been no tribal casino compacts signed with state nations. Additionally, wagering on greyhound contests is expressly prohibited.



However, the state does offer a few forms of legal wagering. The State Lottery generates funds for educational programs. Additionally, pari-mutuel wagering on horse racing is permitted, although there are no active facilities in the state. The situation is nearly identical to the wagering laws in Washington, D.C. Virginia is not a gambling-friendly jurisdiction. In 2011, it was made illegal to participate on or operate a gambling website in Virginia with the passage of several laws. Although many states in the United States are now regulating online gambling, the outlook for Virginia’s online casinos appeared grim. 2016 was a watershed year in the limited annals of online gambling in Virginia. After a lengthy legal conflict, proprietors of daily fantasy sports such as DraftKings and FanDuel were regulated. It was the first jurisdiction in the United States to regulate DFS. In 2019, the state began actively pursuing online wagering in Virginia, albeit only for sports, with an expected launch date of 2021. Online casinos in Virginia may soon follow.

Legal Status Of Land-Based And Online Casinos In Virginia


Virginia remains a bastion of stringent restrictions despite the recent surge of gambling legalization legislation sweeping across U.S. states. Most forms of readily available wagering in neighboring states are expressly prohibited in Virginia. Its strict legislation resembles the wagering statutes of Washington, DC. Online wagering in Virginia was theoretical until quite recently. In 2011, after three measures explicitly prohibited online wagering, the situation appeared hopeless. Without commercial or tribal casinos, the drive for online casinos in Virginia lacked momentum.


In 2016, things began to change as a result of the landmark legal battle waged by daily fantasy sports operators. Using Virginia as a type of experimental ground, they successfully argued for industry regulation. In one of the most anti-gambling-friendly states in the United States, no less. Since then, attitudes in the Virginia legislature toward wagering (and even online gambling) have shifted. Three years later, in the face of a significant budget deficit, the government began discussing sports wagering. A year had passed since the Supreme Court struck down PASPA. The nation appeared ready for a fresh start with wagering. Subsequently, bipartisan support for internet sports wagering made it relatively easy for legislation to pass through both chambers. The Virginia State Lottery will manage licensing, but the initiative is still mired in regulatory details. The debut of the first sportsbooks is anticipated imminently. Until then, the only legal forms of wagering in Virginia are the following:


The legality of horse racing and off-track wagering (at licensed facilities). Although there are no active horse racetracks in Virginia, pari-mutuel wagering on horse races is available elsewhere.

Bingo, lotteries, and duck races that are organized by non-profit organizations are legal forms of gambling.

It is lawful to gamble in private residences.

Buying lottery tickets is permitted by law. The Virginia State Lottery is responsible for all lottery activities in the Commonwealth. Online lottery ticket sales became permissible in 2020.

Since 2016, daily fantasy sports have been lawful in the province. The industry is completely governed.

Soon, the state will legalize and regulate online sports wagering. This represents a significant shift from the state’s previous and recent anti-gambling stance.

It is likely only a matter of time before the Commonwealth of Virginia legalizes online casinos. In contrast to the wagering laws of Washington, DC, Virginia appears to be embracing online gambling.

Today’s Virginia Land-Based Gambling Betting Parlor CountyUnique Features Size

Buckets Bar & GrillChesapeake, VADining lounge, OTB room, billiards room, Simulcast wagering available seven days per week20 simulcast transmissions

Ponies & PintsRichmond, VAOpen seven days a week with full-service dining and simulcast wagering.20 simulcast transmissions

Windmill OTB Sports Bar and GrillCollinsville, VASports bar, OTB, open seven days a week, hotel suites20 simulcast transmissions

Breakers Sports RestaurantHenrico, VAFree parking, smoking and non-smoking lounges, simulcast horse wagering, and smoking and non-smoking lounges.10 simulcast transmissions

Virginia Online Gambling Legislation

In 2011, online gambling was explicitly prohibited in Virginia. In 2016, daily fantasy sports were regulated under the assumption that they are not a form of wagering. Recent sports wagering proposals in Virginia will reshape the legal landscape of online gambling. This could be a backdoor for future legislation regulating online casinos in Virginia. However, this would necessitate the repeal of the state’s universal prohibition on casino gambling and operation. This may prove to be a more difficult legal battle than enacting legislation on DFS or sports wagering. Social casinos are the only legal means to play internet casinos in Virginia for the time being. These applications provide many of the classic casino activities you know and adore, but without the use of actual currency. This technically exempts them from casino wagering restrictions. The wagering laws of Virginia and the District of Columbia permit them.



What should I know about Virginia Online Casinos?

Current Virginia law prohibits the operation of any type of casino.

The law only allows lotteries, pari-mutuel wagers, daily fantasy sports, charitable gambling, and wagering in private homes.

While legal online sports wagering is on the horizon, online casinos in Virginia remain a pipe fantasy.

Some offshore casinos actively market to Virginia residents. These casinos are unregulated, and wagering through them is deemed illegal by the government.

The minimum wagering age in Virginia is 21 years old.

What Virginia Players Should Know About Offshore Casino Gambling Laws

In recent years, public interest in online wagering has grown exponentially, but legislation has not always kept pace. The absence of local legislation creates a regulatory vacuum. According to Aristotle, nature abhors a vacuum. Despite questionable legality, the market responded swiftly to the demand for online wagering services. (or sometimes, outright illegality). These enterprises, dubbed “offshore casinos,” target jurisdictions where internet wagering is either unregulated or prohibited.


Often, desperate would-be participants throng to these platforms, enticed by their polished visuals and alluring offers. However, offshore casinos face numerous hazards, the majority of which originate from their lack of regulation. Being technically forbidden means that you have few legal options if things go wrong. In addition, no independent third parties monitor these establishments. No organizations have evaluated their random number generation or vouched for their reliability. No one can promise that you will be able to withdraw your funds or that bonuses will be honored. We strongly advise you to avoid these online casino websites.


Online Gambling for Virginia

Currently, there are no legal online casinos in Virginia. There are no online casino activities in the United States of America. At least not with actual currency. State-licensed social gambling are widely accessible throughout the state. In addition, it is possible to play DFS for real money online. It is a far remove from online casino wagering, but it is currently the best option in Virginia.


Options For Depositing At Virginia Online Casinos

As there are currently no online casinos in Virginia, there are currently no operator payment options. If you are traveling outside of Virginia and plan to gamble with a licensed operator, consult its list of accepted payment methods for more information.


Virginia Online Casinos FAQs

Are online casinos permitted in Virginia?

In the past, this query would have been answered with a simple “no.” After the 2011 prohibition on online gambling, the legality of online gambling in Virginia appeared resolved. Recent developments, however, bring this into doubt. Following the legalization and regulation of daily fantasy sports, the legitimacy and prevalence of online betting in Virginia have increased. With the passage of (yet-to-be-implemented) online sports wagering legislation, momentum appears to favor the pro-gambling group. Online casinos may become lawful in Virginia in the near future.


Can I play mobile or tablet games at an online casino in Virginia?

With a few notable exceptions, the answer is no. Since there are no legal online casinos in Virginia, there is no secure method to gamble with a licensed operator. Technically, it is feasible to participate in a social casino. These casinos can operate unrestricted within the state. The majority offer mobile casino and tablet-optimized applications.


What casino games can I play at online casinos in Virginia?

Online wagering in Virginia is governed by laws comparable to those of Washington, DC. This means that it is prohibited to play or offer virtually all types of online casino games in the state. It includes everything from online gambling to baccarat and roulette. However, as stated previously, social casinos are lawful in the state. Even though they are not a form of wagering, they provide a legal outlet for all of your online casino requirements.


Can dollars be used to play online casino games?

So far, no. This is unlikely to alter in the near future. Online casino activities are exclusive to social casinos in Virginia. The state law prohibits offshore casino operators from offering wagering services. Local authorities also deem it unlawful to perform at such venues. Currently, your only options for wagering actual cash are the lottery and daily fantasy sports (DFS). By 2021, it will be possible to wager on sports online. However, there is no timeline for the regulation of real-money online casino activity.


Are these online casinos in Virginia regulated?

Each and every wagering site featured on this site is entirely licensed and regulated. We only recommend wagering providers that are adequately regulated.


Am I eligible for an online casino incentive at a casino in Virginia?

In the industry, online casino incentives are standard practice. Few reputable operators do not provide alluring bonus offers to their consumers. This is how casinos compete for new business and differentiate themselves from the competition. As there are presently no online casinos in Virginia, there are currently no incentive offers available in the state.


How do I begin gambling for real money at an online casino in Virginia?

Currently, the only method to play for real money in online casinos in Virginia is to circumvent the law. We urge you to reconsider, as unregulated online casinos are inherently untrustworthy. Your funds may be at risk. The safest (albeit longest) approach would be to send a letter to your state representative. It may sound monotonous, but it is one of the most effective means of influencing state affairs.


What are the most prevalent online casino payment methods in Virginia?

As stated previously, there are presently no online casinos operating in Virginia. Therefore, it is impossible to predict which payment methods would be the most prevalent. In Virginia, proprietors of daily fantasy sports do offer their services legally and under regulation. These online businesses accept a variety of payment methods. You can find specific details on their websites.


In Virginia, am I required to pay taxes on my gambling winnings?

Indeed. Under Virginia tax law, gambling proceeds constitute taxable income. State lottery prizes and other gambling winnings are subject to state income tax rates. In fact, the state has ruled that Virginia residents must pay tax on even winnings earned in other states.


Follow the laws of the District of Columbia if you wish to gamble in Virginia.

This guide should have clarified some of your questions and concerns about online gambling in Virginia. We urge you to remain up-to-date on the most recent developments and legal status of any jurisdiction in which you intend to gamble. Stay safe.

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